Bridget Scarr and Caring About the Viewers

Creative people today have more platforms to express themselves than ever before. Digital media changed with the introduction to the internet age. It requires creators like Bridget Scarr to expand their horizons and to find new ways of expression. It sounds easy, but it is harder than people imagine. Reaching the existing audience and attracting a new audience is becoming tougher. The internet and social media play an important part on this journey. The competition for content creators is changing as well. It means that people like Bridget Scarr have to come up with new things to say in a way that is pleasing to the new generation of audience members.


She is now the executive producer of Colibri studios. She wanted to talk to the world about her ideas of content creation. Colibri was the best way how to explain viewers her ideas and understanding about the world of viewers.


Gone are the days when the only viewership was the television audience. Today counting of the public is different. It includes people who download content, and most people watch their preferred content online. Bridget Scarr is very aware of this kind of audience, and she wants to convey her message to the public and the importance of fans.


Her life is stressful and exciting, so Bridget Scarr starts every day with meditation. It allows her to spend time concentrating on herself. It also allows her to focus the energy on the task at hand. She is interested in the real and personal stories of people. She wants to find people she relates to because it makes her job worthwhile. The long hours put in and the sweat and tears pay off once she knows the audience enjoys the content.


The new and relevant platforms such as YouTube proper careers of creators and allow people to see the importance of the innovation. It allows people to introduce themselves to content online and shows that hard work pays off. The inspiration people get from Bridget Scarr is invaluable, and it encourages people to put one foot in front of the other and tough it out.


Starting a business is a hard journey but it is worth it, and if people are in doubt, they can look up to individuals who do it on a daily basis. It is not an easy journey, but it is worth it. Putting new digital content out there on the internet pays off.

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