Brown Agency

Wilhelmina Austin has re-launched from Heyman Talent-South as The Brown Agency. It’s now the largest Talent Agency with stronger capabilities and most preferred in Austin and Texas. The Brown Agency was launched in Sept.2015 by Wilhelmina Austin and since become one of the most preferred agencies for modeling talent. Combining the two companies has resulted to the great results over the last two years. The Agency will have a headquarters in Austin and offices in Dallas and a presence in Los Angeles. Justin Brown will be leading as the CEO and president of The Brown Agency. Theatrical division of The Brown Agency will be headed by Michael B.Bonnée founder of Heyman Talent-South. Merging the two companies is an important step to ensure growth and commitment to our clients. The best are selected and delivered as most dependable and elegant and professional talent. The Brown Agency leads in developing and nurturing commercial talent and modeling. Clients are exposed to largest brands in the World such as L’Oréal, Louis Vuitton, Toyota and more. Child modelling is also well invested in with models such as Zara.The Brown Agency is a full-service Acting and Modeling Agency which specializes in film and television, commercial print, fashion and commercial. Wilhelmina Brown Mission-

1.The Agency never forgets Trust, Loyalty and Honesty to all personnel involved in its daily success and activities.

2.They are committed to each of their clients to ensure they are successful and marketable.

3.We work more than hard to ensure we continue being the Institution that delivers the best in full-service modeling and Acting.

4.We are most determined to Technologically stay fit to ensure the best in makeup and style, fashion and photography, catalogue, trade shows, promotional and corporate events, runway, conventions.

5.We work with quality over quantity. We ensure every client succeeds.

6.We will invest in big market quality.

7.We will only work with models who have also invested in themselves.

To submit your resume, fill our online form without dropping or mailing them. If you are right for our Agency ,our call will come in on Thursday 3-4pm or email you. If a call or email is not received in two weeks’ time we are not able to have you at the Agency. Applications are done online. For more details, please visit