Ransomware is taking things to the next level

Companies, governments and individuals are starting to notice that they are starting to recieve a large amount of damage. Most of the damage is said to be coming from a constant line of cyber attacks. One example of a huge cyber attack that happened is the May 2017 attack. The attack eventually came to be known as the Wannacry attack. Over 300,000 computers was attacked ,along with other digital software, in over 150 countries. This kind of attack is called ransomware. The attack came to be known as the biggest cyber attack of its kind. Organization had to think fast after the attack ,to stop the threat, by learning to incorporate strict cyber security measures.


Each year it is noted that cyber security attacks keep increasing. The cost of cybercrimes fell between $400-$500 billion between the period of 2013-2015. This means that the cost of cyber bullying alone has quadrupled during the 3 year period.


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