Richard Mishaan’s Design Firm

Richard Mishaan design firm is located in New York. Richard Mishaan, who is the brains behind the firm, is popular for his artistic interior design ideas. His designs are skillfully coordinated and blended to form a grand representation that many appreciate. He has decorated various homes and hotels.



Apart from his interior design ideas, Richard Mishaan is also the author of two interior design books including “Artfully Modern”. The book is insightful when it comes to architecture and design. His books also give readers a glimpse into his love for architecture, design and fashion.



Richard Mishaan design aims at incorporating the individual preferences of whoever he is designing for. He appreciates the diversity in tastes and perspectives of different clients. One of his favorite designs is a piece in his own 16th century home in Colombia. His expertise clearly shows by the manner in which he blended pieces that are historical with pieces that have a modern touch.



The doors, to start with, are made of heavy wood and they originally came with the house. The floor, on the other hand, is a cool veined black marble that was a replacement of the house’s previous flooring. The ceiling is an exquisite combination of ivory and ebony. Richard Mishaan redesigned his patio and garden by getting rid of extra plants and improving the pool and fountain area.



It is clear that Richard Mishaan design and works are a true work of talent. When he sets to do a design project, he uses each element after thoroughly thinking it through and making sure it is the best idea to work with.



For anyone who would like to view Richard Mishaan’s portfolio and work, his official website is easily accessible. You can also contact him personally to hire his services.