Arthur Becker’s Holistic Life Passions

Arthur Becker is an accomplished real estate developer who also doubles as an artist and financial mogul. He has a fully furnished office in Tribeca that showcases his obvious love for sculptures and paintings. The space is located opposite one his real estate project on 465 Washington Stree. The structure is an eight unit condo valued at $52.5 million and designed to offer luxurious residential accommodation. Arthur is a serial investor in real estate with assets in Sullivan Street and 111 West 57th Street. According to Ideamensch, the 10 Sullivan Street project is a 16 floored condo under the man ship of Robert Gladstone’s Madison Equities. Arthur’s interest in the property market spans over two decades and has seen the rise of exquisite structures in New York and Florida.

Arthur Becker was married to the designer Vera Wang for two decades until their parting in 2012, read more on He carries in his heart all his life’s passions and precious items including family. Arthur’s interests have been the founding stone for all his enterprises, some of which he still retains.

Arthur Becker’s Tribeca office displays a glimpse into his personal and professional inclination with displays of items that hold stories to each venture. At one time in Becker’s life, he attempted to produce and sell binoculars but failed terribly due to technical intricacies of their operation. Becker explains that shifting the focus proved to be messy for a lot of people. He retains a brick sample that reminds him of his early real estate involvement in Vermont, a period that shaped his career in the field. Arthur’s dreamy side fuels his artsy life. He has an eight magic ball on his desk, similar to one he would consult as a kid and also the one he turned into an art fixture in his studio.

Arthur is fascinated with currencies from Africa and has displays from Nigeria and Cameron. He recently launched a project to define people’s obsession with money and possibly explain the neglect of life’s fundamentals such as romance, hope, security, and safety. Additionally, two displays of ancient African coins will be put up for showcasing in Capital Properties building. Arthur’s varied passions shape his holistic lifestyle, which he cherishes on a daily basis.

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