Betsy DeVos contribution in education policies

Betsy DeVos is one of the respectable businesspersons. she has been participating in a wide range of activities besides from business and politics. In her early twenties, Betsy went to At. Calvin College for a tertiary level. She was a good student, and thus she was able to perform greatly. While still there, she started politics. She brought major reforms in the institution and thus gained popularity among her peers.

After completing his tertiary level, she later continued with her politics. She has been active for more than 30 years and thus fully understand how best she can serve her people. As a business lady, she has been able to remain innovative and ahead of the rest. Her business live has been evolving along the demands being put in place by most of her customers. Due to that, she has optimized the quality of service she has been rendering. Apart from that, it has made her relevant for many years. Follow Betsy on Twitter

Due to her experience in the segment, she has been getting executive posts in a wide range of well-known firms. One of the firms is Windquest Group. This is an institution which its main focus is the provision of clean energy. The firm is currently branching into manufacturing and other related activities.

Unlike most successful people in our, society Betsy Devos has been focusing a lot on helping the less fortunate in our country. She believes that by providing education to the less fortunate in our society, we will be able to eradicate poverty in our community. The globe will be a better place if we continue supporting people who cannot meet their needs financially.

She has been participating in a wide range of philanthropic activities over the years. She is currently supporting many families who are not in a position of paying their kids tuition fees. Over the years the number of kids benefiting from g her support has been growing, and the number is expected to get bigger in the near future. When she visited potter’s House Christian school, she realized that many families were really strangling to keep their kids in school. Due to that, a couple of kids were being forced to spend more time in school just to finish their syllabus. Check this article from

After starting her philanthropic journey back in 1990, she has been expanding to other schools in Michigan. With the support of local government, she has been supporting many kids from various regions to complete their schooling. She also used her position as chair of the Michigan Republic to gather funds for educating young people in the society. She has also been pushing a lot of education reforms which most of them have been enacted.