Scott Rocklage Leads 5AM Ventures to Continued Success

Scott Rocklage, Ph.D., is now best known for his role as a leader and partner in 5AM Ventures, a highly successful venture capital firm. 5AM Ventures has made a name for itself by specializing in identifying next-generation life sciences firms that provide amazing opportunities for their investors. This firm is comprised of some of the leading names in science and technology, which is why Dr.  Scott Rocklage was an obvious choice to help lead the firm to the next level of success.

While the portfolio of 5AM Ventures is narrowly focused on the healthcare industry, there is no doubt that all of the investment opportunities are carefully chosen and represent a wide array of innovations in healthcare. The companies are also thoroughly vetted to make sure that they are sound both from administrative and financial standpoints. This helps to give clients confidence that the 5AM Ventures portfolio consists of solid healthcare companies that are poised to prosper for the long-term.


Dr. Rocklage has been such a valuable addition to 5AM Ventures because of his diverse background in the life sciences industry. Before joining the leadership team at 5AM Ventures in 2003, Dr. Rocklage oversaw Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc., a leading pharmaceutical company, for almost a decade. This role afforded Dr. Rocklage a unique perspective on what it takes to run a successful life sciences company and the types of operational challenges that investors should be aware of before committing to a particular company in the healthcare field. This experience has served him well as a managing partner of 5AM Ventures because he can now accurately discern which companies could underperform conventional expectations.

He also currently serves as a member of the board of Cidara Therapeutics, Inc. Dr. Rocklage remains heavily involved at the ground level of developing new and exciting life sciences technology and methodology, which is why he has garnered such a stellar reputation in the field. He continues to be a source of knowledge and experience in all of his many professional ventures and enjoys passing this expertise on so that the next crop of leaders in the healthcare industry can take his developments into new territories and resume him.


When asked about what most excites him in the life sciences field, Dr. Rocklage says that new developments in identifying specific mutations or genotypes in treating cancer are one of the most dynamic and potentially revolutionary aspects of the healthcare industry right now. He is eager to identify companies that are on the right path to discovering new ways to treat or cure cancer because this disease affects so many people around the world. There are endless opportunities in the healthcare field to support companies with this goal in mind, and Dr. Rocklage is enthusiastic about pairing up willing investors with companies that have demonstrated early success in this area. Research and development will continue to be key factors in how quickly companies are able to reach new developments, but the operational side of the company is just as important in making sure that great ideas come to fruition. This is where Dr. Rocklage says he would advise young business leaders that taking the time to develop talent and properly vet new working relationships can pay dividends in the end and more information click here.


It is difficult to imagine how Dr. Rocklage is able to wear so many different hats in the healthcare industry and still find time to mentor future leaders. Dr. Rocklage says that he learned at a very early age that organizational skills would help him sustain success throughout his professional life. In addition, Dr. Rocklage has developed strong time management skills so that he is able to stay on track to achieving all of his lofty goals in the long-term. Even though it can be tempting for Dr. Rocklage to immerse himself in all of the details of a single project for extended periods of time, he makes an effort to staff all of his projects with capable and dedicated staff and Scott’s lacrosse camp.