Construcap: A Construction Company Making a Difference

When it comes to the world of business, there are leaders and followers. As it stands, the Construcap Company is a leader in the construction Company in Brazil. It is one of the largest firms and most successful enterprises in the State of Brazil.

Construcap, established in 1944, is a Construction Company that offers services to both the public and private companies. The Company also provides services in energy and infrastructure.

Since its establishment, the Company has partnered with other enterprises to provide a wide array of services. The group of companies includes:

Minas Arena: the company offers services in the management of sports facilities. It was launched in 2010.

Concer: the company was established in 1995. The Company provides logistics services in the transport sectors on

CMO Construction and Assembly Off-Shore: it was inaugurated in 2011 to provide modern solutions to the offshore and naval sectors both in the national and international markets.

CFPS: the company was incorporated in 2012 after the Construcap and the American Fluor formed a joint venture on Facebook. The primary role of the CFPS is to provide integrated services in Energy, Oil and Gas sectors. They will also focus on mining and the pharmaceutical sectors.

Innova Health: it was established in 2014 to manage and maintain the non-health care services in three different hospitals managed by Construcap.

The services

Construcap offers engineering services in three different segments:

Buildings that include the hospitals, teaching and sports arenas, temple and churches, shopping centers, and logistics and retail

Industrial: they focus on production of energy, oil, and gas, mining, fertilizers and cosmetics, paper and cellulose.

Infrastructure: airports, roads and bridges, hydropower dams, sanitation, and housing and urbanization.

The Company has been certified under different standards that include: quality management, construction of basic sanitation facilities, construction of special work of art, Construction of Roadways, Environment system, and Safety and Occupational Health Management System at

Construcap was recently ranked 431st as the company with the best financial performance in Brazil. The list was released by Agency broadcasting and the Newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo.

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