Todd Lubar and Real Estate

The impacts from the real estate crisis are still seen in the Baltimore area today. However the industry is showing signs that a comeback is coming. Last April bank arbitrated sales, mostly foreclosures, dropped 7 percent compared to the year before. These homes also saw increased sale prices. Following the crisis, Maryland changes several rules making the industry more consumers friendly. From April 2015 to May of 2016 the Baltimore and surrounding area saw home sale prices rise 6% to the highest mark since 2008.

Todd Lubar graduated from Syracuse University in 1995 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communication. Todd started his career in real estate soon after because of his fascination with the industry and his desire to help people. He knew he belonged in the industry of real estate. He became an expert in the invaluable experience of conservative mortgage banking. Todd started building his referral base by forging relations with CPAs, financial planner, and real estate agents.

He then started Legendary Properties, LLC. There he specializes in on purchasing, rehabilitating, selling and earning a profit on residences. More info available on

After spending time in the industry Todd noticed that there were people being overlooked by traditional financial institutions. He started Legendary Financial, LLC so he could lend money that otherwise could not get it. His knowledge and backing has allowed him to help anyone that is in need of finding a new home.

Todd has also explored other business ventures including those in the demolition industry, the night club industry, the recycling industry as well as the Real estate development industry. He continues to explore all business options allowing him to understand how they work, and what makes a good business work.


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  1. In 1999 Todd expanded his lending knowledge by forming a relationship with Legacy Financial Group. This allowed him to broker loans to outside investors and lend like a direct mortgage bank. It is by custom writing that makes these people do the brokerage for them and it’s still something understandable too.

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