Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, Giving Runway Worthy Activewear To The World

With the numerous amounts of supermodels posting their workout picture on social networking sites, one can only ogle at how amazing they look in simple gym clothes. Women (and men) everywhere want to look fabulous all the time, but looking fantastic in the gym can be a bit of a hard task. When Kate Hudson decided to launch Fabletics, the activewear market for fashionable gym clothes was changed for the better.

Fabletics believes in giving their customers exactly what they want – comfortable yet amazing work out clothing. While it may seem easy to think about the idea of looking oh so glamorous at the gym, putting it into action is harder than it appears. People find it difficult to fit a workout into their busy schedules, let alone find the time to go shopping for gym clothes. That’s when Fabletics came in to sweep the fashion industry off its feet. The company realized all that their customers wanted and decided to fulfill every gym fashionista’s needs.

To avoid the unnecessary time that a person might spend going to a physical shop, Fabletics decided to appeal to their customers by providing them with a membership subscription through which customers can get access to the latest trends in active wear, every month, delivered to their doorsteps. Establishing a fashion brand on the internet can be pretty hard, especially with the fact that Amazon takes up a large chunk of the online fashion market. By finding out what their customers want, Fabletics was able to transform the way customers get their hands on fashionable clothing.

However, with all this market research in place, Fabletics understood that no matter how much technology progresses, there will always be people who are skeptical about buying products online. There is a market that exists which strictly only shops from physical stores, and as a brand, Fabletics realized it would be unfair to exclude a significant portion of the market from their straight-off-the-runway clothes. For this purpose, they decided to adopt a unique technique of helping customers make their choices for their clothes.

The company decided to use the reverse showrooming technique to appeal to more customers. The reverse showroom technique has proven to be extremely useful in eliminating any skepticism customers might have towards buying clothes online. Through this technique, customers can have a look at the clothes online on the Fabletics website. They can then come to the Fabletics store and try on the clothes that they see online. The store mainly serves as a trial room, so that potential customers can have a better and closer look at the products they are signing up for. The customers can then either choose to pay for the clothes in the store or decide to go home and buy them off the website in their own time.



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